Irish Wrap – Skellig


“A splash of Celtic splendour”

Maker:  Mulligans Ireland “Island Range”

Colour:  Vibrant Green and Violet

Material:  55% Wool  45% Silk

Dimensions:  190cm x 57cm

Weight:  150g

Each of these Mulligans Ireland “Island Range” of wraps has been inspired by and named after an Irish Island.  Each one comes with a story about the island, its history and inhabitants.

Hang Tag story card reads…

Skellig Michael (also known as Great Skellig) is a towering sea crag rising from the Atlantic Ocean almost 12 kilometres west of the Ivereagh Peninsula in County Kerry.  The island is an extremely striking jag of rock jutting defiantly above the crashing wind swept waves of the Atlantic ocean.  The name Skellig derives from Sceillic which means a steep rock.  Venerated as a place of pilgrimage for centuries, for over 5 hundred years the island was home to a small group of ascetic monks who funded a monastery there around the seventh century, the well preserved remains are a popular visitor attraction to this day.  The monastery is famous for it’s dome shaped cells (‘beehive huts’ or ‘Clochán‘) once used by the monks as shelter and accommodation.

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