Irish Scarf – Rathlin


“A splash of Celtic splendour”

Maker:  Mulligans Ireland “Island Range”

Colour:  Rich Blues and Purples

Material:  55% Wool  45% Silk

Dimensions:  190cm x 34cm

Weight:  85g

Each of these Mulligans Ireland “Island Range” of scarves has been inspired by and named after an Irish Island.  Each one comes with a story about the island, its history and inhabitants.

Hang Tag story card reads…

Rathlin Island lies off the north coast of Antrim near the ‘Giants Causeway’. Local legend tells of the ‘Children of Lir’ King Lir had four children one girl, Fionnuala, and three sons, Aodh and twins, Fiachra and Conn. Jealous of the children’s love for each other and for their father, their wicked stepmother Aoife used her magic to turn the children into swans condemned to wander through Ireland until the spell could be broken by a monks blessing. Aoife herself was punished for this act transformed by her father into an air demon for all eternity.



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